Friday, 30 January 2015

The World of Less Love and More Lust

                               The World of Less Love and More Lust

The world today is so full of life, which really makes it impossible for people to dream of dying soon. The fact is that technology has made living much easier and now even the poor are partakers of it today.
Sometimes I wonder why our desire over something or someone fades away. But I have some question to ask. Do you really know the definition of your relationship? And what is it built on? Is it on LOVE or LUST?

A lot of Writers, Authors, Philosophers, Relationship-Counsellor and even You, have in one way or the other defined love. But the problem is that most of us today confuse Lust for Love. Are you one of them?

However, this particular concept is practiced by most of us teenagers especially within the age range of 15-29 years.

“The Definition of Love”

What is love? Love means “sacrifice”. Some people said it is “tolerance” while some said it is “Endurance”.  To me personally, I define love as an innocent internal feeling that you have towards someone or something (It might be your work, profession or even career)

Among all this, which of them do you think is best? If none, then what is your own definition of Love?

Most of our relationships today are in trouble because it is built on Lust not Love. Naturally, Lust last for a while, but Love last forever.

“The Definition of Lust”

What is lust? Lust is a criminal desire. Some said is an erotic urge towards someone. I personally define lust as a dirty internal feeling, which you have towards someone or something. This particular desire has eating up the mind of most of us today.

The world today practices more of Lust than love. Many marriages today last for a while, and I keep asking myself why will two lovely couple end such a beautiful union at such an early stage?  It is crystal clear that such a relationship is built on lust, which I initially said last’s for a while.

How do you know what you feel for someone?

Yes, you can really know what you feel for someone with my little idea. When you find yourself in a situation where your mind is arrested by a particular person, then you have to know that you are now having a particular feeling for the person.
This is how to define such a feeling;
  • ·       If you see yourself close to the person all the time, then you are in love.

  • ·         If you see yourself having a constructive conversation with the person all the time, then you are in love.

  • ·         If you see yourself having a good future with the person all the time, then you are in love.

  • ·         If you see yourself having fun, going to cinema and also having a wonderful time beside the beach, then that is love.

  • ·         If you see yourself admiring the person’s sensitive body parts, then you are in Lust.

  • ·         If you see yourself having kissing and having sex with the person at your first sight, then naturally that is lust.

Honestly, I believe that the world will be more sweet and cool to live in, if we can promote Love to Lust.

This article is all about helping individuals to know their relationship status. Please feel free to express your opinion and also correct me if I’m wrong with my ideas. No one is perfect

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Manure behind a Flourishing Relationship

The Manure behind a Flourishing Relationship

What do you think a good farmer does to a garden that produces unhealthy crops? Of course he or she applies some compost, which boosts the inner nutrient of the mother soil and makes it ready to produce a healthy crop.

Do you know that relationships are like seeds that need to cater for? The fact is that a lot of relationships today are in trouble. Have you ever wondered why yours is boring? Or are you tired of the fruitlessness in your relationship?

 However, if you fall in any of these categories, then this article is for you. The most painful aspect of this, Is that majority of us are clueless of the cause of our scornful relationships.

My intentions are not to open your healing wounds but however, to help you out with some doable tips that are much active to resuscitate your crying relationship(s).

 Do you know what? These solutions are not farfetched. They are right around us; honestly I would prefer to say that they are in our pocket.

  Here, are some highly rich compost manure, that are behind a flourishing relationships;


Yes, communication is the very key behind a sweet relationship. Any relationship that lacks communication is dead.

The fact is this, once it lacks connection, which is the primary product of communication, such a relationship starts having leakages.

I would love to buttress this tip with a true life story, which drew me into writing this article.

This story is based on my family, Mr. and Mrs. Ejiofor’s family is really an institution to families. They are blessed with six children and always live happily.

My father and mother love playing with us a lot. He and my mum are busy parents. They both leave the house in the morning and return late in the evening.

Mum makes it her priority to always handle the dinner meal and our dad is always interested in knowing how our day went.

Both of them are always there for us especially in our needs. To cut the long story short; something wasn’t right after some time. My parent hardly listen to me and my siblings, we hardly eat dinner together (as a family), and a lots of family problems start to manifest.

But I really thank God that my parent discovered their flaws earlier and apologized properly. They promised not to allow their Jobs and any other activities to hinder the love flowing in our family.
Ever since then we live more happily daily.

From my story, you’ll observe that something was missing along the line, which caused us a lot of pain. Then, my family relationship was crappy because of lack of communication between us and our parent.

Please note this properly, if your family is in trouble now, I’m highly convinced that it can revived by building a good communication link.

This tip is not just for families but also for: Teenagers in relationship, Business Men and Women, Students, Entrepreneurs etc.


The bedrock of any glamorous relationship lies on the power of understanding between the two or more parties involved. Believe you me that, any relationship where there is no atom of understanding between the two parties will hardly survive.

Be it a family relationship, business relationship, career relationship etc.

Remember earlier, I said that any relationship we are engaged in is like a planted seed, which needs to be catered for.

Just as hydrogen understood oxygen, they were able to yield water; which is also applicable to two or more parties who understood each other; they will also live and contribute happily.

Let me shed more light on this with some examples: A student who tries his or her very best to study but wasn’t able to understand what he or her was studying, how do you think such a student will feel?
Of course, such a student will not do well in his or her examination, because he lacks understanding.

Just like a guy who dates a lady he doesn’t understand, of course such a relationship will not last because it lacks the vital ingredient “UNDERSTANDING”.

To be more frank with you, if you really want your relationship with: someone, business, career, book etc so special to you to run for a life time, then you have to fully understand the person or the career in question.

These above tips are active tips that are much capable to build or to revive a troubled relationship.

Please fill free to drop your comments and more tips you think can be beneficial in building a happy relationship.

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